Thursday, December 10, 2015

Healthy Holiday Food & Drink Tips

Happy Holidays!

No matter what religion (or lack thereof) you are, most of us still spend the next few weeks attending parties and often having people over. By the end of it all we usually feel bloated and tired and wishing the holidays were over. Make this year the one that you feel great and enjoy yourself all season long.  Here are some healthy food and drink ideas to keep you going from party to party!
Serve Iced Tea (skip the grog and soft drink). Make a gorgeous jug of Fruity Energy-Zing or Decaf Chai tea. These colourful drinks are sure to catch the eye of young and old. To make, boil some water and then turn the heat off. Add either tea mix and let steep for about 10 mins before cooling down in the fridge. Add apple or lemon and lots of ice to serve. These are great for a party or to just have in the fridge for a hot day. Too easy!
Healthy Pasta Salad.  When asked to bring a salad to a party, try this super easy pasta veggie salad. Make pasta as usual and then drain. While the pasta is still hot add frozen peas. Then mix in any variety of veggies. I like to include onion, broccoli, tomatoes, and capsicum. I like to end up with more veggies than pasta making it a super healthy side to any meal. Then mix through a good portion of pesto and you are ready to party!
Veggies are fun too! When having people over, put out a veggie and dip plate instead of chips and fruit instead of lollies and chocolates. You will be surprised at what kids will eat when they are presented with healthy foods. Don't worry, they won't go hungry!
Great Dessert Idea. If you are looking for a dessert, check out these gorgeous and fun (and healthy!) coconut cubes. You can find the recipe on Justine Schofield's website. What kid (and adult) wouldn't want to try one of these!

Is Caffeine Really Good for You?
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Last Market
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